„Panta Rhei“

“Everything is in a state of flux”,
said the Greek philosopher Heraclitus some 500 years before Christ and others elaborated on this theme.

The philosophers meant
that everything is constantly changing and moving. Not a day, not a moment is the same. That certainly applies when you have a baby, because the birth of a child is a major change in your life. Fortunately, you and your baby have a lot going for you that helps to get you off to a good start together. Time and serenity will help to get to know and enjoy each other. That way, you can all get used to the new situation. The relaxation resulting from that, will make your milk flow easily and satisfy your tiny tot.

The strength of this natural process is the basis beneath Borstvoedings-centrum Panta Rhei.

You are most welcome, with your questions or your request for more direct support.

The current
of developments you will find yourself in after the birth of your little one, can surprise you with all kinds of challenges. The lactation consultant will be beside you, looking for ways to deal with those challenges so that you and your family will feel comfortable. In so doing, you will grow jointly, step by step.