Information for mothers (to be)

You are the next link in a long line of women, who carried, bore and subsequently nursed their children. A mother who has accomplished the achievement of bringing a child into the world, will, in most cases, also be able to feed that little, defenceless human at breast. Your baby is hardwired with a number of wonderful, innate instincts that help her find the breast and take in as much milk as she needs.

When you know in what ways she signals to make clear what she requires, you will soon learn how you can satisfy her needs.

The world is a big place for a newborn; your arms and breasts are a safe basis for her to start from in getting to know life outside the womb. A good preparation for this special period can help you mould your role as a breastfeeding mum in your own way.

For information meetings, the VBN and LLL volunteer breastfeeding counsellors can help you on your way; see the webpage with links.

In case there are no meetings in your area in the necessary period or if you prefer information from a lactation consultant, dates can be arranged with Panta Rhei. The content of the meetings can be fine-tuned according to your specific wishes. Feel free to get in touch; for information, see Contact.