Information for health care providers

When a mother is expecting, she and her loved ones look forward to welcoming the baby for months. During the pregnancy as well as afterwards life takes on a completely different aspect for the family and much has to be arranged. Especially when a first child is born, many things are new and questions may arise. A number of health professionals shows up in that period. It is important for parents that from all those people, they get coherent information and assistance, that is not confusing due to differences, but enlightening due to consistency.

Therefore, great responsibility rests upon the shoulders of workers in mother- and childcare to put baby, mother, parents and family in the center of their professional guidance. Up-to-date knowledge, a positively stimulating attitude, well developed conversational and counselling skills and an open learning attitude greatly contribute to that.
Lactation consultants are trained to make these aspects part of their educational workshops for health care providers.

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