What does the lactation consultant do?

Breastfeeding is a process for which your newborn is prepared in many different ways. When you let her have her way within the first hour after she is born and you do not disturb her reflexes, you stand a bigger chance of having a good start with your healthy, term baby.
Then, the lactation consultant will do nothing and will hopefully remain out of the picture.

Sometimes, the start, for whatever reason, is not so smooth or after some weeks, you may suddenly have to face problems. Then you could do with someone who, together with you, will consider how to get you and your baby back on track. Quite a few doubts can be taken away by the well trained volunteers of the breastfeeding organizations in the Netherlands. As experienced mothers they can assist you in a personal conversation and they may well counsel you with practical suggestions.

Are you unable to solve the problem with them or do you need more assistance than they can offer, then the lactation consultant is the pre-eminent health care provider. Just as so many other parts of the human body, the female breast also has its own specialist: the lactation consultant. When you contact her timely in case of doubts or a problem, you will be able to prevent the situation from growing into a crisscross of worries.

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