Who is the lactation consultant from Panta Rhei?

Marianne Vanderveen-Kolkena is married and mother of four grown-up daughters.The girls were all born at home in the parental bed, but a few days after the birth of her third child, in the summer of 1994, Marianne ended up in hospital with child bed fever. In the maternity ward she found out that for many mothers and health care providers breastfeeding was not as natural a process as she had experienced with her own children.

She then decided to start the training with the Dutch breastfeeding association, Vereniging Borstvoeding Natuurlijk (VBN). From the end of 1995 until summer 2008 she worked as contact person for the VBN. She organised meetings for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, wrote a column for the VBN-magazine BN and was chief editor for the internal periodical. She was a member of several project groups, was a co-writer for internal documents such as policy plans, guidelines for the internal education, the VBN-manual and  leaflets for health care providers.

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